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How to Set Up Bluetooth on Linux

Sometimes your Linux distribution doesn’t detect your laptop’s Bluetooth hardware. Or perhaps you want to add a USB Bluetooth dongle to a desktop computer. Either way, here’s how to get Bluetooth working….

What’s New in Fedora 37

The beta for Fedora 37 is available now, and a full release is due on October 18, 2022 (with October 25 as a fallback date in case of late-surfacing bugs). Here’s a preview of what to expect from the latest release of this …

How to Use AppImages on Linux

AppImages let Linux developers wrap their applications into a single file that installs on any Linux distribution. That simplifies things tremendously. Here’s how to use them, and integrate them into your desktop….

How to Parse CSV Data in Bash

Comma Separated Values (CSV) files are one of the most common formats for exported data. On Linux, we can read CSV files using Bash commands. But it can get very complicated, very quickly. We’ll lend a hand….

How to Install Arch Linux From a GUI

Although Arch Linux is great, its installation is a show-stopper for many people. But now there’s a straightforward GUI-based installer for Arch. And you already know how to use it.

How to Compare Binary Files on Linux

How can you check if two Linux binaries are the same? If they’re executable files, any differences might mean unwanted or malicious behavior. Here’s the easiest way to check if they differ.

What’s New in GNOME 43

GNOME 43 was released on September 21, 2022, bringing with it several changes and improvements. Here’s what’s new in this popular Linux desktop environment preinstalled on many Linux distributions.
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