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How to Connect a Laptop to a TV

A simple connection stands between you and enjoying your favorite movie on the big screen or using a spare TV as a secondary monitor for work. Here are some tips for connecting your laptop to a TV using a cable or a wireless …

How to Connect a Laptop to a Monitor

Most people choose laptops for their portability. However, you can get a lot more utility out of a laptop by plugging it into a larger display while at home or in the office. Here are a few tips to get you started….

How to Schedule Emails on Your iPhone

You can schedule emails on your iPhone using the default Mail app without the need for third-party services. Plus, it works with any email address you want to add to your phone. We’ll show you how to schedule your emails here…

How to Batch Edit Photos and Videos on iPhone

Apple’s Photos app for iPhone and iPad is perfect for making quick changes or in-depth edits to your photos and videos. You can even use it to copy edits from one photo or video to an entire batch, cutting down on your editin…

How to Watch HDR Content on a Mac

High dynamic range video, or HDR for short, is all the rage at the moment and many of the latest Mac models and displays support it. Unfortunately, getting HDR video to play back correctly on your MacBook or Apple display isn…

7 Tech Products You Shouldn’t Skimp On

Some tech products just aren’t worth spending big on, like HDMI cables and RGB lighting for your computer case. But there are some products where the added expense can vastly improve your experience or give you additional pea…

How Cold Call Refund Scams Work

If you receive a phone call notifying you that you’re eligible for a refund, it’s probably a scam. Understanding how these scams work can help you avoid them and warn others not to fall for them either….

Are My AirPods Water Resistant?

Some models of Apple’s AirPods and Beats earphones are water resistant. So what does this mean, how is it different from being waterproof, and which models are best protected?

Do You Need Paddles on Your Game Controllers?

Rear paddles are an increasingly common inclusion on game controllers, but they’re not included on the controller that comes with your Xbox or PlayStation. So what’s the big deal with paddles, and is it worth investing in a n…

Why Isn’t It Possible to Downgrade an iPhone?

Apple tightly controls which software can be installed on the iPhone and iPad in a way not seen on its Mac desktop computers. So is Apple right to prevent you from installing older versions of iOS or iPadOS on a whim, or is t…

How to Put Widgets on Your iPhone Lock Screen

Your iPhone has lock screen widgets that give you quick access to information regarding your schedule, the weather, and more. You can even tie these widgets to specific Focus Modes so that different widgets appear (or disappe…
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